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    Arc Symphony: The game that started it all!

    Lines like this make it an instant classic!

    One of the most important games of the last generation, Arc Symphony was first released on a 24 megabit cartridge to massive acclaim. Ever since, you can find it on CD, on newsstands, and (I hear) there's even a movie in the works.

    If you've ever played it, you'd know why Arc Symphony is so important. It's one of the most engaging stories to come out of Japan: on the Arc Symphony, a great airship protecting its denizens from the Great Flood below, Satoshi Davis, a young member of the King's Guard has his world turned upside down.

    With his best friend Dallas Flamestrike and an actual, true ensemble cast, Satoshi's tale has captured the attention of anyone who plays it. It's truly a hidden gem provided by the good folks at Aether Interactive.

    Pictured is the cover of the Playstation rerelease.

    Characters like:

  • Emilio: Your first new friend in the world of Arc Symphony, you and Emilio learn how to swordfight in the game's tutorial.
  • Hyō: Arguably the most important person in the story (besides Satoshi). After being injured, he dedicates his time to helping Satoshi through the battles and trials of his life!
  • Alex: Possessed by the demon spirit Hato, with white and dangerous hair, Alex is one of the few who's endowed with knowledge of the Before Times. He is one of the most important enemies of the King's Guard, as he leads the Red Squadron, who don't believe in freedom but in a world without names or (even) property.
  • These are just a few of the intriguing characters you'll meet and love. Help the King's Guard or defect: it's up to Satoshi ... after all, he's more important than he imagines ...

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