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    Dark Warrior

    Hi! I'm Dark. I've been a member of AGAS for about fifteen or so years now. I took over the alt.games.arc-symphony newsgroup on Usenet way back when and I hand code everything on this site myself! I'm not great with computers, but I think the site's pretty good.

    If you need to reach me, you can always contact me by email here. I have a personal site here if you'd like to get to know me better. But I might be a little old for you! Haha.


    Hello there. I'm Jennifer Hardy, though on the internet I've always gone by Frostmaiden. Ever since I was a student I've loved cultivating the creative edge of the Arc Symphony community with my best friend, Mysteria. I'm also a longtime moderator. Just don't get me angry!

    I keep my email to myself, but you can find me on the web here.