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    Welcome to my particular corner of our little section of the Web. I've been collecting Arc Symphony fanfiction since even before the alt.arc-symphony.creative newsgroup existed. It's hard to believe now, but before FF.net, we were trading our tales in text files to each other. We're still working on bringing the .txts to a proper archive on this mirror but you can find the list below. Welcome! -- Mysteria, 2003

    The Great Flood Overcome: An Arc Symphony Fan Fiction Mirror

    Title: Loved and Lost
    Author: Coldfire42
    Summary: Satoshi x Dallas. BL. Don’t like, don’t read!!

    Title: The lost Daughter
    Author: Hooooopz
    Summary: Suddenly a girl appears on the Arc who can use the shards of chronos. Vincent wants her dead. Dallas and Satoshi want her. What will happen next? PLEASE R&R!

    Title: Arc Symphony: Love Everlasting
    Author: Dark Vegeta
    Summary: How far exactly is a royal guard willing to go for the one he loves? And will his sacrifice be worth anything?

    Title: Regretting, Remembering
    Author: Cursed Seraph
    Summary: In the aftermath of The Kiss, Alex is lost in thought. PG for Shonen-ai.

    Title: Satoshi’s Words
    Author: Crisu-kun
    Summary: I heard this song on the radio and this just came into my head. Please read and review, as always, reviews feed the plot-bunnies!

    Title: Kiss without Feeling
    Author: Darkfox
    Summary: The Arc Symphony gang has to put on a play. Disaster is about to strike these friends!

    Title: Vincent’s Regrets
    Author: Clockwork Angel
    Summary: Vincent has pushed away everyone. But there’s one person he doesn’t realize he can’t live without. Warning: Vincent x Hawthorne

    Title: Woman, Myth, Legend
    Author: Mapmaker
    Summary: Okay, bare with me because I really suck at summaries O_o Jessica has a purpose--one divined by the gods. And she can’t abandon it for anything, not for love and not for friendship. In AS:BI she does, but in this story, she holds fast. What would the ending look like if Jessica was unrelenting, and DID transcend her earthly form like Aethuria intended. Please R/R.

    Title: To Vincent
    Author: Dashing Lancelot
    Summary: Hawthorne speaking to Vincent in a letter he can never send. Angst: you’ve been warned.

    Title: Six Nails in My Coffin
    Author: Pariah
    Summary: [AlexDallas] Yes, I teased an AlexDallas story and it’s finally out. Hopefully chapter one will get you hooked, and remember: reviews feed the beast (my muse).

    Title: Sweet as Chocolate
    Author: BuffysDad
    Summary: It’s Valentines day on the Arc, and Laney has an important mission. Please R and R. Arigatou!

    Title: Burning Hearts
    Author: Kennedy
    Summary: When Laney gets sick Dallas is stuck taking care of her. Things are heating up.

    Title: The Boy
    Author: Geoff
    Summary: Emilio is sick of being just… the boy. He wants to be older, and strong like Dallas and Satoshi. What happens when he gets his wish?

    Title: Enter Josh
    Author: Joshua
    Summary: A normal guy named Josh steps through a portal in his backyard and ends up on the Arc Symphony. Will he have what it takes to fight alongside Dallas and Satoshi? And what does Jessica think of him and his weird american ways?

    Title: Larger than Life
    Author: Daring Demon
    Summary: Hato is everything to Alex, but he’s also toxic. Sometimes poison tastes swet… please R&R

    Title: Just Another Player in Your Game
    Author: Hatofull
    Summary: Just another player in your game for two… Alex and Hato clash. Alex and Hato can’t live without each other.

    Title: The Light in Your Eyes
    Author: Shadowqueen
    Summary: **Flails and throws fic out** Okay, this is a bit of a change but this one is shonen-ai -- I know, don’t flame me! **nervous** It’s a story I worked on with Hatofull. Don’t like, don’t read.

    Title: The Super Secret Sexy Diaries of Dallas Flamestrike
    Author: Roffles
    Summary: Chapter 56 now complete!

    Title: Every Little Thing I Do
    Author: Krystal Princess
    Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Title: Sailor Satoshi
    Author: Chibiusa
    Summary: I’m nervous about posting this for days, but here goes nothing! This is the first sailor moon x arc symphony crossover FanFic (as far as I know!) and its also my first FanFic so please be gentle

    Title: Arc Glorious
    Author: Dark Cookie
    Summary: D’Irasis is alone again. Spies on the Arc Glorious threaten security. The Arc Symphony sails on, but evil can spread easily.

    Title: Rage
    Author: Dark Osiris
    Summary: Dallas’ thoughts before the fight with Vincent.

    Title: An Agent of Chaos
    Author: Cypher
    Summary: When Zeus and the other Greek gods appear on the Arc Symphony, Aethuria steps in. Things quickly get out of hand.

    Title: Tales of Arc High
    Author: Sands of Time
    Summary: [AU] [SatJess] All the Arc Symphony characters at in a high school (Vincent as the principal) and they have the usual high school dramas. [UPDATED: 06/15/2001]

    Title: Goodbye Hato
    Author: Fallen Angel
    Summary: After Hato and Alex are torn apart, Alex doesn’t know how to go on. This is a story about the light after the storm. Warning: angst ahead!

    Title: Nothing but a Heartache
    Author: Stinkyfruity
    Summary: Jessica’s love is fated to be unfulfilled. Or is it? A dashing man from the Arc Glorious named Christopher may change her mind.

    Title: Duel of Fates
    Author: Stinkfruit99
    Summary: What happens when Yugi and Kaiba are somehow transported to the world of Arc Symphony? Duels, obviously. Rated PG for Yaoi (Satoshi x Yami)

    Title: Arc Lights
    Author: Darth Insanious
    Summary: Just a collection of short poems from the perspectives of different Arc Symph chracters. Lots of these are inspired by songs.

    Title: Gasping For You
    Author: Shadow Obelisk
    Summary: *sweatdrop* I’m back with another dumb idea. Laney has a huge crush, but she’s been cursed to never speak the name of her true love.

    Title: The One That I Love
    Author: DarthArc00
    Summary: I stink at summaries. Dallas and Satoshi are in a jam once again. NO YAOI! PG for violent training with for the kingsguard. No Satoshi x Dallas!

    Title: Hikari to Yami
    Author: Shadowman
    Summary: Hawthorne lives in a world of darkness… but one woman can help him see the light.

    Title: Chasing Light
    Author: HikariOfLight
    Summary: An Alternate Universe Fanfiction where the great flood never happened. Satoshi and Dallas go to an ordinary school, but still manage to get into trouble [Chapter 15 now up!]

    Title: Before the Dawn
    Author: Pandora
    Summary: Satoshi will need the help of his friends more than ever when he falls deathly ill. But there is always a sunrise!

    Title: Aethuria of Arc Symphony
    Author: Snow
    Summary: Alternate reality FanFic. It’s sad but very good.

    Title: Just an Ordinary Training Day
    Author: Morgana
    Summary: Just a normal training day on the Arc. What can go wrong? Answer: everything!

    Title: Promise
    Author: Shrinemaiden87
    Summary: A promise that Jessica made as a young girl comes back to haunt her…

    Title: Sugar Rush
    Author: Ashleybear
    Summary: When they kissed, it was like magic… no, it was like sugar.

    Title: ARC NOIR
    Author: LadyCalladir
    Summary: When a prominent figure on the Arc turns up dead, a local detective team has to puzzle it out. Too bad for them two shard users want them dead now.

    Title: Good Morning, Not Really
    Author: SaviorOfAll
    Summary: Dallas recounts an ordinary day in his journal.

    Title: Symphony King
    Author: Minor
    Summary: Sequel to Quest for the Moon Opals (discontinued)

    Title: A Day Out
    Author: No Replies
    Summary: I suck at summaries, pleas just read it