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    After a long journey across countless inboxes, I finally dug this up for posterity. It's nice to not kick this around as a text document every six months. Make sure to follow the rules! -- Stephen

    Welcome to alt.games.arc-symphony! (ver. 1.2.1)

    by Stephen Mills

    Thanks for downloading this FAQ. This will give you a sense of the community before you start posting, so hopefully you find using up that hour of internet time worthwhile!

    1. What is Arc Symphony?

    Just kidding! That's not a frequently asked question. Clearly if you're here you know the basics about Arc Symphony. Maybe you were entranced by Satoshi's charisma and relentless determination! Maybe (and stay with me) you found Hyo intriguing?

    2. Who leads the community?

    Right now our moderators are Dark Warrior and Frostmaiden. You can always privately email them for help! While I (Stephen Mills) help the moderators I'm not really the leader type, but I'm happy to talk!

    3. What can or can't be discussed?

    We encourage:

    You will be severely flamed and slapped with a trout for posting any of the following:

    4. Questions you should never ask.

    5. The Arc Symphony soundtrack

    So far it's only been released in Japan, so you'll have to go to your local record store and get it imported unfortunately. Because it's Japanese you can only get the CD copy, so I couldn't get a copy to listen to in my car. I can say personally that it sounds GREAT though. I was able to translate the track list with the help of Daisukihyo:

    6. The One and Only Arc Symphony Glossary

  • Aether - Aether is the force that connects all beings. Named after Aether Interactive, we think, or possibly Aethuria. Investigations are ongoing.
  • Arc Glorious - Another vessel designed to escape the Great Flood, the Arc Glorious is D'Irasis's home ship.
  • Arc Symphony - The titular Arc, Arc Symphony is the home of Satoshi, Dallas, and the rest of the game's characters. Arc Symphony was built to escape the Great Flood and now sails indefinitely, seeking land, led by its ruler, Vincent.
  • Blood types - In Japanese culture, blood types have a great significance and are said to define an individual's personality.
  • Fan fiction - Fan fictions are unofficial works based on a source material such a TV show or a video game. Because the characters of these fan fictions do not legally belong to the author, it is best to use a disclaimer to avoid any hot water.
  • Relationshipping - Relationshipping is participating in fan discussion about a certain relationship that may or may not actually exist in the game. Sometimes the two characters may not exist in each other's worlds, but that's the fun of writing! Sometimes they may even be the same gender; this is called yaoi and we're tolerant of it here on AGAS (well, most of the time).
  • 7. Thank you!

    Thanks for reading this FAQ. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email. You can also call me if you're local to Chicago: [Removed at the request of the author. --ed.]. I'm always happy to talk Arc.